Thursday, 20 July 2017

Who is he Donald Trump?

The President would like to provide some context.

As with so many of his predecessors, President Donald Trump is inclined to recall historical events to better frame his own performance and political agenda. President Barack Obama was said to favor a "team of rivals" in building his Cabinet, a term the historian Doris Kearns Goodwin coined in a book on President Abraham Lincoln and his administration. Republicans have for years channeled -- and sought to align themselves with -- President Ronald Reagan.
Throughout his campaign and first six months in the White House, Trump has spoken of the past -- his slogan, "Make American Great Again," states explicitly his desire to return to some idealized version of it. (Note: He said in a March 2016 New York Times interview that the beginning of the 20th century and the years after World War II were eras of true US greatness.)
He's also expressed a fondness for President Andrew Jackson, at one point suggesting that, had Old Hickory come around "a little later, you wouldn't have had the Civil War." In early February, at a breakfast to mark the beginning of African-American History Month, he shouted out 19th century abolitionist Frederick Douglass, who died more than 120 years ago, as "an example of somebody who's done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more, I notice."
In another extended -- and eye-popping by any standard -- interview with the New York Times published on Wednesday, the President again revisited some notably historical markers, conjuring them in unmistakably Trumpian terms.
The story of Obamacare (and Hillarycare)

Trump: It's a tough -- you know, health care. Look, Hillary Clinton worked eight years in the White House with her husband as president and having majorities and couldn't get it done. ... Obama was in there for eight years and got Obamacare. Hillary Clinton was in there eight years and they never got Hillarycare, whatever they called it at the time. ... Obama worked so hard. They had 60 in the Senate. They had big majorities and had the White House. I mean, ended up giving away the state of Nebraska. They owned the state of Nebraska. Right. Gave it away. Their best senator did one of the greatest deals in the history of politics. What happened to him?
Taking about the difficulties facing Republicans trying to unwind Obamacare (the Senate has so far failed to get a simple majority for several different approaches), Trump turned his focus to the setbacks on the way to Obamacare. First he recalls the failed 1993 initiative, spearheaded by Clinton during her first year as first lady. It should be noted that, despite what Trump says here, President Bill Clinton only had majorities in both chambers of Congress for two years. They flipped to the Republicans after the 1994 midterms.
Trump is correct in noting Obama enjoyed a 60-vote supermajority out of the gate -- he lost it after Sen. Ted Kennedy died and Democrats lost a special election -- and that the Senate version of the bill passed, just barely, after some wheeling and dealing -- see: the (ultimately abandoned) Cornhusker Kickback -- with Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson, a conservative Democrat.
"What happened to him," by the way, is that Nelson left the Senate after not seeking a third term in 2012.
The greatest speech(!)(?)
Trump's full speech to crowd in Poland 36:11
Trump: I have had the best reviews on foreign land. So I go to Poland and make a speech. Enemies of mine in the media, enemies of mine are saying it was the greatest speech ever made on foreign soil by a president.
Trump's speech in Warsaw was his first outdoor address on foreign soil. Where it stacks up with others of its kind is a trickier question. CNN's Chris Cillizza gave it a good review. But his remarks were mostly panned by many of his "enemies" -- we're taking that to mean typically critical or partisan commentators -- for being a love letter to white nationalists.
The Atlantic's Peter Beinart suggested that one of the big ticket lines from the address, in which Trump questioned "whether the West has the will to survive," could only be interpreted "as a statement of racial and religious paranoia."
Alas, only time will decide where Trump's Warsaw speech lands. But it seems unlikely to surpass Reagan's 1987 call, in Berlin, for the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to "tear down this wall." Reagan also drew high marks for a speech commemorating the 40th anniversary of D-Day in France a few years earlier. And then there's President John F. Kennedy's own remarks in Germany, from 1963, when he declared, "Ich bin ein Berliner."
Napoleon's ups and downs

Trump: (The Paris trip) was beautiful. We toured the museum, we went to Napoleon's tomb ... Well, Napoleon finished a little bit bad. ... And his one problem is he didn't go to Russia that night because he had extracurricular activities, and they froze to death. How many times has Russia been saved by the weather?
Let's take this one point at a time:
1) Napoleon's story did not end well. This is true. In fact, his defeat at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 is now synonymous with inglorious endings. (Recall: Former South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint said back in 2009 that "If we're able to stop Obama on (Obamacare), it will be his Waterloo. It will break him.")
2) Hard to say precisely what Trump is referencing here with the "extracurricular activities" in Russia. Napoleon spent quite a bit of time in Russia, even holding Moscow for a spell. He did, though, eventually get bogged down in the Russian winter and return to Paris, leaving his troops behind, in a last-ditch effort to save his rule.
3) How many times has Russia been saved by the weather? This might be slightly oversimplifying the matter, but... three times? (I'll update this as the historians write in to complain.) To wit: in its war against Napoleon; during Swedish King Charles XII's attempted invasion in the early 1700s; and when the Nazis turned on the Soviets during World War II. More on that below.
The Nazis and Stalingrad(?)

Trump: Same thing happened to Hitler. Not for that reason, though. Hitler wanted to consolidate. He was all set to walk in. But he wanted to consolidate, and it went and dropped to 35 degrees below zero, and that was the end of that army. ... But the Russians have great fighters in the cold. They use the cold to their advantage.
This seems to be a reference to World War II's Battle of Stalingrad. The offensive was launched by Hitler in the summer of 1942 and while the Nazis gained a slim foothold in the city, the fighting carried on for months. By winter, the Russian counteroffensive had beaten back the tide and encircled German troops. Many -- those who didn't freeze, starve or die in combat -- would eventually surrender. The battle is often cited as a turning point in the war.
Trump vs. Truman

Trump: I heard that because I said -- it could have been a little slip-up in terms of what I said -- I meant, for the time in office, five months and couple of weeks, I think I've done more than anyone else. They may have taken it as more than anyone else, period. ... But I'm talking about for my time. I heard that Harry Truman was first, and then we beat him.
Backstory: Earlier this week, Trump at a White House event claimed, "We've signed more bills -- and I'm talking about through the legislature -- than any president, ever. For a while, Harry Truman had us. And now, I think, we have everybody."
At that, the Times published a story headlined, "Trump Says He Has Signed More Bills Than Any President, Ever. He Hasn't." Hence what Trump described here as what might have been "a little slip-up in terms of what I said."
Still, the math is not on his side. According to both Politifact and FiveThirtyEight breakdowns, Truman signed more than 50 bills into law during the first 100 days of his first elected term.
Trump hit the six-month mark with 42.
How Nixon changed the FBI
nixon resigns seventies_00000417
Trump: And nothing was changed other than Richard Nixon came along. And when Nixon came along [inaudible] was pretty brutal, and out of courtesy, the FBI started reporting to the Department of Justice. But there was nothing official, there was nothing from Congress. There was nothing -- anything. But the FBI person really reports directly to the president of the United States, which is interesting. You know, which is interesting. And I think we're going to have a great new FBI director.
This one is a mystery.
The FBI has operated under the purview of the Justice Department for decades, so well before Nixon and Watergate. Still, the president -- as Trump himself knows firsthand -- can fire the FBI director when and for pretty much any reason he wants.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

How's the Weather in Your Life

This article was borne out of my dealing with my own issues and looking at clouds. It was also borne out of a theory my son had toyed with concerning the weather.

This article is not intended to be religious or political in nature. Simply human.

This is just a thought. We are all the children of Earth, like it or not. We are sensitive to the moon, the sun, and the Earth. The Weather and Climate are also involved with mankind. I have noticed what seems to be a relationship between the stability of human interaction at a global scale and nature. When war and civil unrest is on the increase and destruction is brought upon the Earth, the Earth seems to respond in kind with it's own brand of destruction such as hurricanes or tsunamis.

The Moon has an influence over things on earth such as ocean tides and horseshoe crabs. Many claim that human behavior is also influenced by the moon. It has been demonstrated that every eleven years the Sun has a major solar storm which coincides with flu epidemics on Earth. So it is not too difficult to believe at times that our behavior in this world may influence the planet we live upon.

Whatsoever things we loose upon the Earth may be loosed upon us in like manner.

How does this apply to us in our own lives? Whatsoever is loosed in your house will dwell in your house; And whatever dwells in your house influences your house and the lives of those within it. Clean it out. Get rid of all the negative or bad things in your house and make your home what you want it to be.

If you are greedy the world will be greedy toward you. If you want it all and give nothing, the world will act in kind and you will receive nothing.

If you are angry or hateful, the world will respond to that also. You will be avoided by calm, kind people and you will attract angry and hateful things. Peaceful people are not attracted to negative energy.

Contempt breeds contempt. Love attracts love. If you love people then people will love you. Enough said about that.

My point? Like attracts like. Opposites do not attract. Magnets attract magnets. That thing about poles is simply the magnets aligning themselves to accommodate the magnetic field. It's about harmony, not opposite poles attracting one another.

Those things we want are like bubbles in the air. Grasp at them and the air current from your hand will wisp them away. But watch their path and place your hand where they will land. They will light in your palm every time. But don't clench your fist or you may still lose them. This is true of everything, love, money, security, you name it. Be calm. Be quiet. Be at the right place in your mind and spirit.

All good things come to those who wait as long as those who wait arrange their life to accept good things. The bubble of your desires will never survive the hurricanes of an angry or violent home and can neither enter or abide therein. This is where the harmony comes in. Align your house with the things you desire. Creative the environment that reflects what you want from life. Be sure that what you say you want is actually what you want.

If someone plays angry music in your house tell them to use headphones or else just turn it off. Sound is as much a part of your environment as anything. Shouting, cursing, complaining or just plain grumbling should not be a part of your everyday environment. By the way, if you are the source, stop it, for your own good.

World peace does not begin in Washington or the church. It begins in the heart of the individual. We may never have world peace because of the human condition. If America is truly a superpower than what better place to start than here. If everyone works toward peace in their own homes and lives it has to change something. If everyone shares that peace with others it may spread. Imagine if America became a country of peace and caring. That would change the world.

My son once told me that the thought had crossed his mind that people created the weather. I think he was right.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Free Tickets To Fantasyland

What a blessing it is to always have a positive attitude and a huge smile every day! I am constantly telling people that it is one of my birth defects, and they do not have too worry about it being contagious! I am quite sure that most people would not know how to deal with always having a smile, let alone the attitude to go along with it!

Think for a minute, about the consequences of having most of the people you come into contact with every day being upbeat and positive! Whew, the increased productivity and peaceful atmosphere would almost be too much to take. What would we possibly do with all of that extra time we have created as a result of meeting all of our goals in a very timely fashion? Can you imagine the surplus energy that would also exist? What could we possibly use this new resource for, all of the extra time and energy, that would make sense?

Oh no! What would all of the drama-needy people do now? I can not even begin to understand an environment where every one had only positive things to talk about! They were supportive and understanding! They figured out how to wash off that selfish tatoo that so many were either born with or managed to acquire at a very young age. The gossip meter would almost fail to even register anymore. The topic of conversation would no longer start with the ever popular have you heard about so and so! Talk about total confusion!

Well, welcome to my world! Every day is a great day! I am constantly accused of smiling too much and being in a good mood way too often! I do not worry about things I cannot control. I process information mentally from a win-win perspective. Meaning, it is never an option to fail or suffer a bad outcome. Rather, it is always going to be a good result, it is just a matter of how good it will be! I have always enjoyed seeing people smile and enjoy themselves, most times in spite of themselves. I have always simply enjoyed having the opportunity to make a difference! A positive, supportive and mutually beneficial difference.

The next time you feel that nagging frown coming on, the negative attitude or outlook, or just having another mundane day, change the channel to the attitude channel! Save the negative energy and spread some positive energy around! Share a smile, a laugh, a supportive idea or recommendation! See how much more relaxed and productive your day is. Enjoy each and every day and live them with a positive and happy purpose. Live, laugh and love!

Michael Weinstein has worked in a retail environment for over 30 years, including 8 years in investment banking and over 20 years in management. He is also a successful soccer coach and bodybuilder, possessing a knowledge of nutrition and supplementation as well as exercise physiology.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Sizing Your Walking Stick

If you are thinking about buying one or two walking sticks, you need to consider a lot of things. Such as, what type of stick should you get, since there are many to choose from, and what should the size of it, or the sticks, be? The size of a walking apparatus matters. The size determines how easy the stick, or sticks, are to use. How to size a walking can, or sticks, really depends on your height and what is most comfortable for you. You can find the appropriate size for you by looking at a variety of items and trying out different heights till you find one that is comfortable for you. Once you find the appropriate size for your heights and needs, it is a good idea to look for canes at the appropriate size for you until you find the items that you like the most and that work with your budget.

Some walking sticks are adjustable which can be great for anybody who will want to change the height of their stick, or sticks, for different types of hikes and walks. Having the option to change the height of the sticks can be convenient in different environments. Also, adjustable canes are good for anybody who cannot find a store that sells walking items in their area and does not have the chance to try out different sticks, and therefore needs to order walking sticks online. Adjustable sticks have a lot of perks, but some are not reliable and can have problems. Some issues you can get with adjustable walking sticks include unreliable locks that let the sticks change size while you are walking, and they can be heavier than normal canes and rods. If you want adjustable walking sticks, you should look for reviews and ratings for different sticks so you can find which models have reliable locks and are easy to use.

Alex Sutton has worked in the outdoor industry nearly 4 years. For more information please visit walking sticks

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Top Seven Tips on How to Become a Charming Person

Charm is the power to please or attract others to one's self. Charming people are considered as smarter and they are treated better at department stores and other places. They also receive promotions faster than people who do not have a charming personality. Charming people are happier, more socially acceptable, achieve social and business success, liked by others, listen to, popular, and people with outgoing personality. The trait of a charming person is that they make others feel important by focusing their attention, thoughts, and actions on them.

If you do not consider yourself as a charming person and you want to become one, you need to change your personality. Once you make a few personality changes the magic will start to happen. You can make plans to become more charming by reading books, listening to tapes, keeping a journal, becoming aware of your thoughts, changing your thoughts from negative to positive, visualizing yourself talking to people saying good things about you and good things about others. The following are seven tips on what you can do to become a charming person:

1. Make Changes to the way you dress by wearing the right colors, clothes and cosmetics 
[Know what to wear and how to wear it].

2. Make Changes to the way you stand by standing straight and tall with straight shoulders and tummy tuck [avoid crossing hands].

3. Make Changes to the way you walk and do not shuffle but keep your head up as you make eye contact with the person [develop a beautiful walk].

4. Make Changes to the way you talk and practice having a pleasing voice by breathing from the diaphragm rather than chest [develop a good speaking voice].

5. Make Changes to your appearance and choose best fashion and style for yourself. Get a manicure treatment [by yourself or professionally].

6. Make Changes to your appearance and choose best hair style for yourself. Get your hair done and styled [by yourself or professionally].

7. Make certain you have a firm handshake when you greet someone. A handshake is an expression of friendliness. It tells the other person you are glad to see him. It is an expression of your personality.

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Monday, 29 October 2012

A Good User Manual: How Should It Be Written?

If you have ever bought home appliances or other things, such as toys, baby accessories, sports products, vehicles etc., then you definitely know what a user manual is and how it looks like. But how often do you make use of these documents? Do you know where to look for them in your house? Or, maybe, you have thrown them away right after the purchase? If so, then it is not a problem anymore, because there are lots of websites that enlist hundreds of user guides with regard to the type of the product, its characteristics, application options, manufacturer, brand etc.

What Is a User Manual?

A user manual is a document, which provides the most important information about a product. As a rule, it involves general facts about a product, its characteristics, safety precautions and guidelines on how to assemble and use it in the most effective and safe way. User guides that come with the same types of products may differ a lot from each other. This means that if your old vacuum cleaner has gone out of order and you decide to opt for a new one, for example, you should not underestimate the importance of reading the manual just because you have already vacuumed your carpets dozens of times. Each model or brand may feature diverse characteristics you may not know about. That is why it makes sense to study these documents properly to avoid the potential problems or even health risks.

How Should a Good User Manual Be Written?

As a rule, user guides are written by technical writers, who possess the required skills and experience in this business. These people should not only know the subject they are writing about, but they also should be trained to provide the material in the most understandable way. This is because these documents are read and used by ordinary customers, who are frequently not aware of technical terms and specifications. The text of a user guide should be subdivided into several sections with regard to the topic discussed. These sections should involve the following parts:

• Introduction

• General description of a product

• Characteristics

• Special features, which differ it from other similar products

• Product uses

• Safety precautions

• Description of the potential problems and ways of solving them

• Other related info

Each part of a user manual should be written in a simple and understandable language. The sentences should not be too long so that a user could easily understand what is meant there. Apart from that, a writer should identify the target audience to know what writing style to stick to. Sometimes, technical writers working at these documents, should address several audience types, including the users, the consultants, the repair specialists etc. This means that a guide should also provide specific technical details and characteristics, which should be taken into account if a device goes out of order, for instance. With that said, a technical writer should be skillful enough to make information clear and understandable for different categories of people, who will read it.

By the way, reputable manufacturers, who take care of the needs and requirements of their customers, aim at providing detailed and informative user manuals. They understand that their clients' time is a priority and try their best effort to make these documents readable and useful for everyone. Such manuals generally consist of dozens of pages, which is a benefit in itself. Having such a document at hand will make you feel safe and confident in any situation.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Why the Refugee Tent Manufacturers Are Very Important

Tent Manufacturers-material use in making tents

There are very many Refugee Tent Manufacturers across the world, making incredible pieces of tents that meet all the essential need of all people be it displaced person or campers. They disperse their tents any place when called upon to do so. These organizations are giving the unique guide to exiles. The world celebrates the tent making Houses for making exceptionally tents for all sorts of purposes. They make fine tents as well as disseminate everywhere throughout the world. Above all, commercial tenting enterprises likewise fabricate a broad range of tents including displaced person tents, camping tent, car shades and so forth. They are working with the business community, truck loaders, event organizers, charitable organizations by supplying then with tents of their choice. More importantly, Tent makers use hardened, heat safe and waterproof material. They additionally export outcast tents to different nations across the global.

Assembling Of Refugee Tents

Manufacturers make Tents using original material that is enduring as well as soothing. Producers utilize fine nature of the material that sustains warmth from the environment for the safety of the person using the tent. The makers make all sizes of tents including for displaced persons, trucks, events as well as camping using a particular design so that individuals do not experience any issue when it comes to altering.

Significance Of Refugee Tent Manufacturers

Manufacturers are working productively to help the evacuees, business community, event organizers as well as other needy individuals to have a piece of mind when going about their daily endeavors. Financially savvy tent producers deal with the expense. They produce tents that are moderate as well as modest. Indeed, even some non-benefit making companies' bear the cost of the tents from such makers. Manufacturers use fine nature of fabric to make outcast tents. The material they use is warmth safe as well as dependable with the goal that it may not clear out or shake amid blustery days. The stuff is not tearing capable, is reliable and washable. They do the Sewing perfectly.

Accessing a Refugee tent is not difficult as many may wish to think, it all depends on time. The makers are constantly accessible at whatever point required. You can reach them at whatever time. Refugee Tent Manufacturers are working effectively to help the poor and exiles. They make outcast tents as per their needs so that you can live in it and use it until they locate a legitimate sanctuary to stay. Makers are working with NGO's and associations to help displaced people.

NRS International, is a Dubai company that specializes in offering Disaster Relief Services. They develop and manufacture products that come to humanitarian aid, public health and development sectors. They have been awarded with the "AID Innovation Challenge Award", for the year 2012.