Thursday, 20 June 2013

How's the Weather in Your Life

This article was borne out of my dealing with my own issues and looking at clouds. It was also borne out of a theory my son had toyed with concerning the weather.

This article is not intended to be religious or political in nature. Simply human.

This is just a thought. We are all the children of Earth, like it or not. We are sensitive to the moon, the sun, and the Earth. The Weather and Climate are also involved with mankind. I have noticed what seems to be a relationship between the stability of human interaction at a global scale and nature. When war and civil unrest is on the increase and destruction is brought upon the Earth, the Earth seems to respond in kind with it's own brand of destruction such as hurricanes or tsunamis.

The Moon has an influence over things on earth such as ocean tides and horseshoe crabs. Many claim that human behavior is also influenced by the moon. It has been demonstrated that every eleven years the Sun has a major solar storm which coincides with flu epidemics on Earth. So it is not too difficult to believe at times that our behavior in this world may influence the planet we live upon.

Whatsoever things we loose upon the Earth may be loosed upon us in like manner.

How does this apply to us in our own lives? Whatsoever is loosed in your house will dwell in your house; And whatever dwells in your house influences your house and the lives of those within it. Clean it out. Get rid of all the negative or bad things in your house and make your home what you want it to be.

If you are greedy the world will be greedy toward you. If you want it all and give nothing, the world will act in kind and you will receive nothing.

If you are angry or hateful, the world will respond to that also. You will be avoided by calm, kind people and you will attract angry and hateful things. Peaceful people are not attracted to negative energy.

Contempt breeds contempt. Love attracts love. If you love people then people will love you. Enough said about that.

My point? Like attracts like. Opposites do not attract. Magnets attract magnets. That thing about poles is simply the magnets aligning themselves to accommodate the magnetic field. It's about harmony, not opposite poles attracting one another.

Those things we want are like bubbles in the air. Grasp at them and the air current from your hand will wisp them away. But watch their path and place your hand where they will land. They will light in your palm every time. But don't clench your fist or you may still lose them. This is true of everything, love, money, security, you name it. Be calm. Be quiet. Be at the right place in your mind and spirit.

All good things come to those who wait as long as those who wait arrange their life to accept good things. The bubble of your desires will never survive the hurricanes of an angry or violent home and can neither enter or abide therein. This is where the harmony comes in. Align your house with the things you desire. Creative the environment that reflects what you want from life. Be sure that what you say you want is actually what you want.

If someone plays angry music in your house tell them to use headphones or else just turn it off. Sound is as much a part of your environment as anything. Shouting, cursing, complaining or just plain grumbling should not be a part of your everyday environment. By the way, if you are the source, stop it, for your own good.

World peace does not begin in Washington or the church. It begins in the heart of the individual. We may never have world peace because of the human condition. If America is truly a superpower than what better place to start than here. If everyone works toward peace in their own homes and lives it has to change something. If everyone shares that peace with others it may spread. Imagine if America became a country of peace and caring. That would change the world.

My son once told me that the thought had crossed his mind that people created the weather. I think he was right.

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