Friday, 22 February 2013

Free Tickets To Fantasyland

What a blessing it is to always have a positive attitude and a huge smile every day! I am constantly telling people that it is one of my birth defects, and they do not have too worry about it being contagious! I am quite sure that most people would not know how to deal with always having a smile, let alone the attitude to go along with it!

Think for a minute, about the consequences of having most of the people you come into contact with every day being upbeat and positive! Whew, the increased productivity and peaceful atmosphere would almost be too much to take. What would we possibly do with all of that extra time we have created as a result of meeting all of our goals in a very timely fashion? Can you imagine the surplus energy that would also exist? What could we possibly use this new resource for, all of the extra time and energy, that would make sense?

Oh no! What would all of the drama-needy people do now? I can not even begin to understand an environment where every one had only positive things to talk about! They were supportive and understanding! They figured out how to wash off that selfish tatoo that so many were either born with or managed to acquire at a very young age. The gossip meter would almost fail to even register anymore. The topic of conversation would no longer start with the ever popular have you heard about so and so! Talk about total confusion!

Well, welcome to my world! Every day is a great day! I am constantly accused of smiling too much and being in a good mood way too often! I do not worry about things I cannot control. I process information mentally from a win-win perspective. Meaning, it is never an option to fail or suffer a bad outcome. Rather, it is always going to be a good result, it is just a matter of how good it will be! I have always enjoyed seeing people smile and enjoy themselves, most times in spite of themselves. I have always simply enjoyed having the opportunity to make a difference! A positive, supportive and mutually beneficial difference.

The next time you feel that nagging frown coming on, the negative attitude or outlook, or just having another mundane day, change the channel to the attitude channel! Save the negative energy and spread some positive energy around! Share a smile, a laugh, a supportive idea or recommendation! See how much more relaxed and productive your day is. Enjoy each and every day and live them with a positive and happy purpose. Live, laugh and love!

Michael Weinstein has worked in a retail environment for over 30 years, including 8 years in investment banking and over 20 years in management. He is also a successful soccer coach and bodybuilder, possessing a knowledge of nutrition and supplementation as well as exercise physiology.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Sizing Your Walking Stick

If you are thinking about buying one or two walking sticks, you need to consider a lot of things. Such as, what type of stick should you get, since there are many to choose from, and what should the size of it, or the sticks, be? The size of a walking apparatus matters. The size determines how easy the stick, or sticks, are to use. How to size a walking can, or sticks, really depends on your height and what is most comfortable for you. You can find the appropriate size for you by looking at a variety of items and trying out different heights till you find one that is comfortable for you. Once you find the appropriate size for your heights and needs, it is a good idea to look for canes at the appropriate size for you until you find the items that you like the most and that work with your budget.

Some walking sticks are adjustable which can be great for anybody who will want to change the height of their stick, or sticks, for different types of hikes and walks. Having the option to change the height of the sticks can be convenient in different environments. Also, adjustable canes are good for anybody who cannot find a store that sells walking items in their area and does not have the chance to try out different sticks, and therefore needs to order walking sticks online. Adjustable sticks have a lot of perks, but some are not reliable and can have problems. Some issues you can get with adjustable walking sticks include unreliable locks that let the sticks change size while you are walking, and they can be heavier than normal canes and rods. If you want adjustable walking sticks, you should look for reviews and ratings for different sticks so you can find which models have reliable locks and are easy to use.

Alex Sutton has worked in the outdoor industry nearly 4 years. For more information please visit walking sticks